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      Want expat info for Singapore? Engaged and getting married in Singapore

      • To get hitched in Singapore, you shall need to register a notice of wedding at the very least 21 days just before want the ceremony to happen.
      • Your solemnization may take spot either during the Registry of Marriages or at destination of your personal selecting.
      • You will be in charge of ensuring your entire documents is in purchase and which you get it at your ceremony.

      Engaged and getting married in Singapore is an option that is perfectly viable nevertheless there are bureaucratic hurdles and paperwork that have to be completed first. If you’re inquisitive to learn just how a married relationship in Singapore impacts your expat status, please contact the Ministry of Manpower.

      Getting Hitched in Singapore: The Fundamentals

      To ensure russian bride that your wedding become appropriate, you have to register and solemnize it during the Registry of Marriages (ROM) or instead the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) (You can find out about culture and religion in Singapore from our guide). In the next, we concentrate on marriages during the ROM — please remember that the procedure and timings might be slightly various for Muslim marriages during the ROMM. In general, you can find three actions on the way to engaged and getting married.

      First, you must register a notice of marriage in Singapore online using the Registry of Marriages. You will receive an appointment at the ROM when you have done so. (далее…)