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      Residence permit for spouse or partner that is cohabiting

      International nationals from a nation outside the EEA and/or EFTA, who intend to stay static in Iceland for over three (3) months, will need to have a legitimate residence license.

      Residence allows on grounds of wedding or cohabitation are awarded on grounds of Art. 70 associated with Act on Foreigners no. 80/2016.

      A residence license is awarded to a specific planning to go on to Iceland to reside with his/her spouse or cohabiting partner in Iceland. The necessity is the fact that the spouse or partner that is cohabiting an Icelandic or a Scandinavian resident, a international resident keeping a permanent residence license or a short-term residence license on grounds of work requiring qualified expertise, for athletes, for moms and dads, on grounds of international protection, humanitarian grounds, unique link with Iceland or higher level studies.

      Specific unique needs apply regarding family members reunification for many who hold a residence license in Iceland on grounds of international security, humanitarian grounds, unique connection or perhaps a residence license as being a moms and dad. The partner or cohabitant associated with applicant whom applies for reunification in Iceland should have worked or examined in Iceland in appropriate stay going back four (4) years before publishing a software (unless an exemption is applicable).

      You could have the right up to a residence license being a spouse or cohabiting partner if all the requirements that are following met, also other people

      • You may be over the age of 18 years,
      • you had been 18 years old or older whenever you married or entered partnership that is cohabiting
      • Year you are married or have been in cohabiting partnership for more than one (1,
      • you’ve got a spouse or cohabiting partner who lives in Iceland and it is an Icelandic or Scandinavian resident, or a international resident keeping a permanent residence license or even a foreign resident remaining in Iceland on grounds of a residence permit as previously mentioned above,
      • the wedding meets what’s needed for enrollment in accordance with the legislation regarding domicile,
      • you should have a home that is permanent the exact same location as your partner or your cohabiting partner,
      • you can easily show that you can to produce on your own during your stay,
      • you have got a legitimate insurance coverage with an Icelandic insurance provider (in the industry insurance providers) or a foreign insurance carrier authorized to work in Iceland (on the go Foreign Insurance businesses),
      • you’ve got perhaps perhaps perhaps not offered a sentence that is criminal over the last five (5) years or been sentenced by way of a court of legislation for the offense which will be punishable by a lot more than three (3) months imprisonment relating to Icelandic legislation, and
      • your better half is not sentenced by way of a court of legislation or been susceptible to general public security precautions the past five (5) years (unless an exemption is applicable), and
      • the partner that is spouse//cohabiting Iceland consents to your license being awarded. (далее…)