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      At Claudia’s urging, Philip and Elizabeth went incognito as CIA protection to meet up with Larrick

      Larrick Threat Edit

      Throughout the tight conference, they unearthed that he failed to destroy the Connorses. Nevertheless, they discovered of their participation in Martial Eagle, a base in which the united states of america secretly trained contras that are nicaraguan. Kate instructed them to assassinate the industry commanders working here. To get in, they required him to really know who they were. Down the road, Philip came across him away from a homosexual club to show him which he ended up being the main KGB. («Behind the Red Door») After likely to infiltrate Martial Eagle with Larrick and Lucia, A nicaraguan cleverness representative, they discovered that Lucia would definitely destroy Larrick within the camp. («ARPANET») Philip got mad after hearing that Larrick killed Lucia whenever she attacked him in the home. («New vehicle») throughout the Martial Eagle operation, Philip took images associated with the contras’ training but needed to destroy A us workers who spotted him. (далее…)